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The following information is obsolte. Please check the German site.

I am a 37 years old married male with two lovely daughters, working as a civil servent for the county. Since over eleven years I have been working in an office for the youth. There I supported the children or young people and their families. (I have to support the computers for our workgroup, too.)

I went to the Christoph-Scheiner-Gymnasium (Hello to my Milwaukee-friends!)and did my study at the Bayerische Beamtenfachhochschule in Hof (Hello to my dear Ogden-friends! I did a study trip in 1992 !!!).

In my spare time I collect stamps, german coins, phone-cards and computers ;c) German onlyYou are welcome to visit my computer-museum.Computer Museum of Helmuth Justin

In my school days I was a writer for the CSG-FEUERMELDER and the ABITURZEITUNG 1988 and I did much work in the HOFNARR (the former college paper at the BayBFH). Now I write the web-pages for the (may I say so: free-net) Bürgernetz Ingolstadt e.V. (bingo e.V.) and teach the HTML. Well - I was one of the webmasters of bingo e.V.:
Others surf - I make the waves.

I'm interested in SF (San Francisco - I'd like to live there), Science Fiction, reading in general and dancing.

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